Mon. Feb 17th, 2020


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Huawei controls its supply chain for “CIA-controlled” companies

UK Huawei

The fracas between the US and some Chinese companies (especially Huawei) seem to be getting deeper. At a certain point it seemed as if the ban was relaxing. However, no significant change has occurred. The US recently claimed that there is evidence that Huawei includes back doors in its equipment for espionage activities. As usual, the Chinese manufacturer has since rejected the claim and asked the US government to stop using the media for rumors.

In a turn of events, there are reports that the CIA controls a company (Crypto AG) that it uses to control the manufacturers of global communication equipment. After the report was published, the Chinese manufacturer quickly scored through its huge supply chain. Huawei PSIRT has checked the collaboration data of all its suppliers for the first time. The company found that it has no collaboration with Crypto AG, CyOne Security AG and Crypto International.
Huawei about the allegations in the US.
According to the Chinese manufacturer, it is impossible to access the customer’s network without the customer’s view. Huawei also said it cannot bypass access control from providers and get data from its customers without being detected by all conventional firewalls or security systems. Huawei says that “the accusation in the US is just a method to get attention. It does not comply with any recognized network security logic … ”